Cardale DC Transmitter - 433MHz

Cardale DC Transmitter - 433MHz
Cardale DC Transmitter - 433MHz
Model: DC433
Price: £84.00 (inc VAT)
Price: £70.00 (exc VAT)
Please call us on 01732 529814 to order.

Hand transmitter remote control for older type Cardale DC range of electric operators

Suitable for Cardale DC operators on 433Mhz. Frequency only

Radio frequency: 433Mhz

Security coding:-
Digital with auto learning Multibit coding (281 billion variations)

Handset identification:- 4 button (red) mini handset with dark grey casing. Frequency can be found embossed on rear of handset casing.

This handset is fully compatible with previous single 'RED' button transmitter

Older style hand transmitter for Cardale DC range of garage door operators


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