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Are my personal information and payment details secure?

We subscribe to Sagepay, one of the largest online facilities for secure payments within UK websites. The Sagepay facility uses a SSL secure server to process your payment, all personal details are securely held, Sagepay and our own in-house systems are fully compliant with the new PCI DSS rules imposed by the credit card providers.

Why are your garage doors so cheap?

Our main business, 1st Choice Garage Doors Ltd, is a successful garage door supplier and installer based in the South East of England. We have negotiated exceptionally good prices from some of the major manufacturers and can afford to work on lower profit margins when it comes to a 'supply only' service. This enables us to sell doors much cheaper than other distributors. All doors are 'brand new' and are sold as new doors unless stated otherwise. We may have some 'clearance stock' from time to time which will be clearly labelled .

Delivery Lead Times?

GARAGE DOORS - All of our Garage Doors are delivered by the manufacturer and as a result will depend on our suppliers availability and delivery slots. As a guide, new garage doors would usually be delivered within 14 - 28 working days. Some more complicated or bespoke orders may take up to 8 weeks - we, or our suppliers, will advise an approximate week commencing delivery date within 3 working days of the order being placed. We will then confirm the anticipated delivery day 24 hours before the delivery. Our deliveries are made by a single driver and we will require assistance to safely deliver any garage door. We are unable to give timed delivery appointments or adhere to specific date requirements. We can only deliver to mainland UK, any orders for delivery outside our regular delivery area will be cancelled and refunded.

REMOTE TRANSMITTERS, GATE AUTOMATION KITS and ACCESSORIES - Will be supplied direct from our own stock and would be shipped by First Class Recorded Postage or next day courier delivery (depending on size and weight)

Alternatively, products can be collected by arrangement from our Warehouse and office at Wrotham Heath, Kent 


I am having trouble completing my purchase?

Our computer system can sometimes suffer from gremlins. If you experience any problems trying to buy products or Checking Out please telephone us on 01732 529814 or email phartley@1st-choice.co.uk 



I don’t know if I want Canopy gear or Retractable gear, can the differences be explained? 

Canopy gear is designed for manual operation only and will require a clear frame head dimension of 68mm (2 3/4 inches) above the new garage door height. Generally the canopy gear will have an overhead spring and cables that run down each side on the back of each frame leg with roller spindles that run up and down in vertical tracks - recommended frame leg width would be 70mm wide but some canopy gear garage doors can fit on narrower size frame legs if necessary

Retractable gear has horizontal tracks that run back from the top of the door frame to support the door panel as the door opens and closes. Pivot arms and springs are generally fitted to the back of the frame legs each side, we recommend a minimum frame width size of 70mm for retractable gear - Retractable geared garage doors provide a nice smooth motion and are ideal for electric automation. 

Please view the manufacturers Installation and Technical files for in depth information or contact us by email at: phartley@1st-choice.co.uk or by telephone on 01732 529814


Am I paying standard UK VAT?

Yes VAT is charged at 20% and is included in our prices. 


I have a technical question that I can't answer from your Data files, can anyone give some assistance?

Certainly, you can either email Phil Hartley at: phartley@1st-choice.co.uk or call us on 01732 529814 - we will endeavour to advise you to the best of our ability.

Can I automate a new or existing canopy geared garage door?

Whilst there are devices that can be used to help automate a Canopy geared garage door we do not recommend it. Automated Up and Over type garage doors should be fitted with retractable gear only.

I am confused with the sizes and frames on garage doors, can you explain how the door sizes and frames work?

FRAMES - All garage doors need to be fitted to a suitable frame. Most existing frames would be timber and provided you have the correct size frame you should be able to fit a new garage door into the existing frame. As a general rule you cannot re-use an old metal frame because the sizes will not allow new garage door gear to fit. New metal frames are supplied pre-fitted to the new garage door - Canopy gear frames have 54mm wide frame legs and 68mm high frame head (this is in addition to the door size)Retractable gear frames have 68mm wide frame legs and 68mm high frame head (this is in addition to the door size)

SIZES - All sizes quoted are to suit an internal frame size - this does not include the frame. To find the internal measurement of the frame you need to measure the distance between the frame legs (at the smallest point) and the size from the underside of the frame head to the floor level. If you have a standard size opening this size should coincide with our door sizes . Most garage doors are supplied slightly smaller than the advertised size to allow for tolerance in fitting and operating.

We appreciate that this may still be a little complicated and we would be happy to help clarify if you would more information, please contact us by email at: phartley@1st-choice.co.uk or telephone our office on 01732 529814

What comes with the new door?

Supplied with the new garage door will be: The Garage Door panel/s, fixings pack, suitable springs and lifting gear for the door panel and manual locking (unless otherwise specified). A frame is not supplied unless it has been added as a separate item or an option. 


Can I return a door it if it does not fit or decide that I cannot install myself?

No, all garage doors will be ordered specifically for your order. Our website has all the information you need to determine what type of door, sizes and options are available and suitable and we are available to help with most technical questions. It is your responsibillity to ensure you look at the technical details for any garage door that you are interested in buying.



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