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TRADITIONAL 'UP AND OVER' GARAGE DOORSup and over retractable1

The most popular and familiar garage door is the 'up and over'. Replacement up and over garage doors are usually the cheapest type of garage door, with prices starting from £225 including VAT for a brand new door. It is simplicity itself; quick to install and available in the widest choice of styles, sizes and colours. The door opens out of the opening and then pivots back into the garage. We can provide up and over garage doors on canopy gear for manual operation or on fully retractable gear, which can be electrically automated

SECTIONAL GARAGE DOORSsectional garage doors2

The sectional garage door is made up of 4 or 5 sections that open up vertically without “kicking out” making them very secure; they are ideal for short driveways, high backed vehicles or times when the car is parked up against the door. These sectional doors are usually fully insulated, and are ideal where the garage is attached directly to the house. You will find that our sectional garage doors are also perfectly suited to electric automation.


ROLLER GARAGE DOORSRoller shutter icon 120

Roller doors are usually the cheapest way to buy a new automated garage door. They are installed very neatly as they do not have any tracks that go back inside the garage. The garage door rolls vertically up and forms a neat, compact roll above the doorway, meaning that there is no “kick out” of the door. This enables a car to be parked directly in front of the door without causing any obstruction. Roller garage doors are commonly supplied with automation pre-fitted and are usually insulated doors.



Traditional garage doors that open out as a pair of doors on side hinges, they can look great in various situations, such as stables, coach houses and older period looking properties. They are very practical as they open out and have no internal mechanism, leaving maximum interior space so you get the most from your garage.

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